We offer a full reconditioning service. What makes Sulis Pianos stand out is that we are willing to discuss the broader parameters before a commitment is entered into. What is your expectation? Is the piano technically worthy of restoration? Is it worth it financially? Will it add value to the instrument? Is it worth considering alternative options? If the outcome is positive then we can restore to the highest standards and to your specific requirements. But we can also assist in pursuing the alternative options should that be necessary. For the remainder of this year we are offering particularly good prices on repairs, so why not invite us to call and see you.


Few things are simple in this life and piano tuning is no exception. For every straightforward tuning there is a situation which calls for further discussion. Is the piano at standard concert pitch? Does it need regulating? What if the notes are sticking? Will it hold its tune? A whole host of questions all stemming from a simple request to tune a piano! Sulis Pianos, through its highly experienced tuner technicians, with advanced workshop facilities in the background, is able to guide customers, assess the piano as a whole and undertake work which is considered financially viable.

For the months of March and April only we are offering professional tunings at £40.00 only, yes an incredibly low £40.00 provided the tuning is booked via e-mail and quotes this page!!


A professional valuation is typically used for insurance, family, probate or selling purposes. A full written report is provided which includes our professional view on what the piano might fetch from the trade, in the open market and in a retail environment.